Exciting New Partnership!

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We are excited to announce an exciting new partnership between Roots Autism Solutions and Kick Start Pediatric Therapy Network! Kick Start is an outstanding therapeutic preschool in Northfield, IL. that has been providing speech, developmental, and occupational therapy to children throughout the northern suburbs. Our work together as the Roots and Kickstart team will bring ABA therapy to families both at Kick Start and at home. The goal of this partnership is to expand ABA services to families at Kick Start, allow for high quality collaboration between service providers, and allow families to have coordinated care throughout the day.

We are happy to be able to offer ABA therapy tailored to the needs of the child at Kick Start and at home. At Kick Start, we will have the opportunity to provide both one-on-one and group ABA therapy. Families will also be able to access our in-home services, allowing Roots Autism Solutions to be the ABA provider for their child, while ensuring coordination in care among all therapies.

You can find out more information about Kick Start at https://www.kickstartptn.com/.

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