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Jen started her career in Orlando, FL working in a group home with children and adolescents with severe behavior challenges. After receiving her B.S. from University of Central Florida, went on to teach at Princeton House Charter School, a school for children on the Autism Spectrum.

She then earned her M.S.Ed in Applied Behavior Analysis from Simmons College in Boston, MA. Under the supervision of Dr. Michael Dorsey, she worked for a non-profit organization, Vinfen, working with individuals in day rehabilitation centers throughout Boston. Jen went on to work as a head counselor and assistant director at Camp Akeela, a summer camp for children with Asperger’s Syndrome. Most recently, she has transitioned from a large company specializing in in-home ABA therapy to start a business helping families on all levels.

Jen launched Roots Autism Solutions because she saw the need for a more personalized, compassionate support system for children with autism and their families.

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Jillian began her career in education as a teacher at the early childhood level, with a B.S. in Education from Florida State University. Driven to find solutions for students in her class who were experiencing learning and behavioral challenges, she obtained a Masters degree in Education from DePaul University.

Jillian spent over ten years within the Chicago Public Schools as a teacher, case manager, transition specialist, school and district administrator. Her multi-faceted knowledge of the school systems within Chicago and the surrounding suburbs allows Jillian to guide families through all processes of schooling, from entering at the preschool level, transitioning through all grade levels, and to transitioning out of school into the greater world.

Whether your child is struggling to learn or you do not know where to turn when navigating the school system, Jillian collaborates with your family and school to provide lasting solutions.

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Clinical Director - Training Coordinator



Jake received his BA in Psychology from Illinois State University. During this time, Jake developed a passion for behavioral science and its many applications which led him to pursue a Master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Through his Master’s program, Jake was able to experience the implementation of behavioral therapy with a wide range of ages, skills, and settings. The culmination of these experiences led Jake to believe an individualized and collaborative approach to ABA produces the most significant results, which led him to work as a BCBA for Roots.

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Sam Anderson received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Concordia University Wisconsin. During this time, Sam worked as a Behavior Technician at an ABA company that provided in-home services, where she was first introduced to ABA. Sam quickly found her love and passion for the field of ABA and knew she wanted to continue her professional career providing individualized services to children in need. Sam then earned her master’s degree in ABA at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology while also working as a behavior therapist within the clinic setting providing services to children on the Autism Spectrum. During this time Sam received her supervision from Roots where she was exposed to a variety of new skills. Since becoming a BCBA, Sam has loved working with a variety of children and families as well as her supportive team at Roots. Her passion for this field continues to grow each day and she loves working closely with families and seeing all of the kid’s progression being made.

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Kristy has been working in the field of ABA for the last 6 years. Starting off as a registered behavior technician, she quickly realized her passion for teaching and working with children with ASD and utilizing ABA strategies to break down and teach new skills. She received her graduate degree in Educational Psychology with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis from the University of Southern Maine. Kristy has worked with clients from the age of 2.5-24 years old, teaching a wide range of skills such as fine motor imitation and potty training, to activities of daily living and tolerating no. Kristy is ecstatic to be working in a collaborative and supportive environment such as Roots, where she can truly watch her clients grow.

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Lead Board Certified Behavior Analyst



Alexa received her bachelor degree in psychology and education from DePauw University. She worked at a behavioral intervention camp which sparked her interest into the field of behavioral sciences. She went on to get her master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Through her master’s program, she worked as an RBT at Roots and gained knowledge through her supervision and direct experiences with clients. She looks forward to continuing her collaboration with her coworkers, families and other professionals as a BCBA and eager to see her client’s growth and development.

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Gabrielle received her B.S. in Applied Behavior Analysis from Northern Michigan University. Although initially pursuing a career in forensic psychology, she spent a year working as a behavior technician providing ABA services to children with autism and other developmental disabilities. It was in working with those children that she found her passion for serving kids with special needs. Since earning her BCaBA and starting at Roots, Gabrielle has continued to provide the best treatment she can for the kids and families she works with. Gabrielle plans to pursue a masters degree and hopes to one day work as a BCBA.

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Board Certified Behavior Analyst



Emma received her B.S. in behavioral science from Western Michigan University. During her time in undergrad Emma was introduced to ABA and quickly discovered her passion for working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other development delays. Once receiving her bachelor’s degree she worked to earn her master’s in behavior analysis from Western Michigan University. Emma has a wide range of experience working with individuals on the spectrum ages 2 – 26, in a variety of settings such as preschools, elementary schools, intensive behavioral units, vocational settings, as well as universities. As she is continuing her work as a BCBA; she prioritizes independent living, providing compassionate care, and helping learners have the most enriching lives possible.

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Board Certified Behavior Analyst



Sophia is a board certified behavior analyst with over a decade of experience working in behavioral health. After receiving her undergraduate degree from DePaul University in fine arts with a minor in psychology in 2013, Sophia then earned her Masters of Arts in applied behavior analysis with an emphasis in autism spectrum disorders from Ball State University in 2017. Sophia has a diverse background of experience working with individuals from 2 years old to 75 years old in school, home, clinic, residential home and foster care settings. Seeing the first-hand impacts of “bad” ABA, ensuring clients learn their behaviors have power is paramount. Sophia takes a person-centered, compassionate approach to treatment. She is extensively trained in acceptance commitment therapy with expertise in treating individuals with complex, rigid behaviors that impede their ability to live fully. Sophia’s long term goals are to help disseminate and further the behavior analytic research to new and aspiring BCBAs. When Sophia is not analyzing behavior, she enjoys spending time outdoors with her toddler, large dog and husband.

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Jenn holds an undergraduate degree in psychology and fine arts from Loyola University Chicago and a master’s in Applied Behavior Analysis Practice from Florida Institute of Technology (FIT). While in undergrad, she worked as a group therapy leader for individuals in assisted living and rehabilitation centers across the Chicagoland area. Here, she gained valuable experience working with adults with diverse disabilities, including autism, traumatic brain injury, and speech/language impairment. Motivated by a commitment to working with children, Jenn transitioned to become a Registered Behavior Technician, delivering ABA services in both home and clinic settings for children on the autism spectrum while in graduate school.

Jenn is driven by a deep passion for delivering personalized and meaningful care, emphasizing a commitment to upholding client dignity and promoting cultural competence. She hopes to cultivate an inclusive and empathetic environment where clients and their families feel heard, valued, and respected.

Outside of work, her passions include animal rescue, handbuilding pottery, and cooking.

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Lead Registered Behavior Technician



Alexis embarked on her journey in behavior analysis in 2020, captivated not only by the science but also by witnessing the transformative impact on the lives of children and families in subtle yet profound ways. Over the years, she has cultivated a diverse range of experiences, working with clients aged 2 to 17. Committed to fostering a safe and trusting environment, Alexis is dedicated to creating spaces where children can learn, belong, and have an abundance of fun.In her therapeutic approach, Alexis seizes naturalistic teaching opportunities, celebrates and reinforces incremental progress towards goals, and follows the child’s lead with assent-based care. Armed with a Masters of Leadership from Judson University and a Behavior Analyst Certificate from Florida Institute of Technology, she is currently on the path to obtaining her BCBA certification while actively engaging as an RBT, delivering direct therapy.Beyond her professional pursuits, Alexis enjoys crocheting, diligently preparing for her BCBA exam, and cherishing moments with her husband and son.

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Alli received her undergraduate degree in early childhood education from Miami University. She then taught kindergarten and was a school-based behavior therapist providing 1:1 support to a student with special needs. During that time, Alli was introduced to the field of ABA and found her passion for individualized services for children with special needs. This led her to pursue a career in ABA. She earned her master’s degree in ABA at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology while working as a behavior therapist providing services to children on the Autism Spectrum in home and clinic settings. Since becoming a BCBA, Alli has worked with a variety of children, families, and other professionals. She is dedicated to providing the best treatment possible and loves working closely with families to achieve their goals.


We hand-pick the right team of therapists for your child based on your family’s and child’s needs. Your team will have the skills, experience, and qualities that match your child. High-quality therapist recruitment, selection, and retention is of the utmost importance to us at Roots. We take several steps to ensure that all of our therapists are a good fit for our team and your family.

Therapists are initially selected based on their years of experience and background in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis.

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You know your child best! At Roots, we actively recruit therapists who meet specific criteria requested by parents to the greatest extent possible.

We ensure that all therapists are either fully certified as a Registered Behavior Technician with the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB), or we provide the training as a part of our onboarding process.

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All therapists receive ongoing one-on-one training and support on a consistent basis through supervision during therapy sessions with both our BCBA and training specialist.