What? A New ABA Therapist?

 In In Your Home

Your therapist that you’ve had for a year just took a new job, and the thought of how this change will impact your child is horrific. Your child has had such success with this person, and the fear is that now nothing will be the same and progress will halt. To top it off, there have been three other therapist changes within the year! What in the world is happening and how can we make it stop?

The truth is that the turnover rate in ABA therapy is over 60% on average. Why? There are so many factors: career progression, burnout, career change, schedule changes, and many more. At Roots Autism Solutions, we have made it our mission to be both supportive to families and also to staff. We understand the challenges of the work our therapists do each day, and we value them greatly. We work with our therapist to provide them with supervision, support, training, and recognition for their hard work. Our hope is that we can minimize turnover within our company so that families receive consistent support.

Change does happen though, and when it does, we are committed to making transitions as smooth as possible. If ever you want to speak about changes in your team, please reach out to us!

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