Summer Camp – Camp Akeela

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Camp Akeela is an outstanding summer camp in the mountains of Vermont, which proudly states it is a place “where quirky campers thrive.” This unique camp is perfect for kids who don’t quite feel comfortable or may not fit in at a traditional camp. As Camp Akeela shares:

Parents and teachers describe our campers as bright, creative and well-behaved. At the same time, Akeela campers struggle to make meaningful social connections with peers. A typical Akeela camper is academically successful in mainstream school settings, although may receive extra help with executive functioning skills, social pragmatics, or other social deficits. They often need practice and guidance in reading nonverbal cues, exhibiting conversational empathy, or understanding social nuances.

While Camp Akeela Vermont is a fantastic place, we must also introduce the latest addition to the Midwest, Camp Akeela Wisconsin. If traveling to overnight camp in Vermont is too much for your child, this may be a better option for you!


If you are interested in learning more about Camp Akeela Vermont or Wisconsin, check out their website at

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